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By Ashley Johnson

Created: May 11, 2024

Tonight, like most nights I retire to my office and play games with my brothers. 

As I am one of ten children (seven brothers, on sister and one half brother) the generation gap means that we have very little in common so gaming has become the outlet for us to keep in contact. Most nights at least one brother is available for gaming and tonight it happened to be Alex. 

A game we typically play together is Fortnite. Although not that great at the game I am able to win the odd match but only when I don't come face to face with a builder or, as the youngsters seem to refer to them a sweat. Anyway this was the game we played today.

Whilst we didn't win all games, we stuck together and was able to wrap up with evening with a victory royal. Video of the winning game below:

Leave a comment if you also play this game.

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