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Receiving a welcome surprise through the mail

By Ashley Johnson

Created: May 12, 2024

This morning, I was met with a delightful surprise when a mystery parcel arrived at my doorstep. Taken by surprise, I carefully opened the packaging to reveal a treasure trove of goodies from none other than Marks & Spencer. But this wasn't just any package—it was a heartfelt gesture of appreciation from my Project Manager, a token of gratitude for my contributions to a recent project I was involved in.

The first thing I did was took out the card and read the message (I have blanked out sensitive stuff):

I then went on to examined the contents—ranging from indulgent millionaire shortbread to aromatic coffee and tempting chocolate flapjacks and delicious carrot cake slices. When I looked up I saw my daughter staring at me, I knew what this meant.... Lunch was on daddy today!

As they all sat at the table (my wife, my daughter and my son) to eat the majority of this box, leaving me with a few coffee sachets, I couldn't help but feel a slight sense of appreciation. In conclusion In a world where recognition can sometimes feel scarce, this unexpected gift served as a reminder of the value of feeling appreciated, especially when you have a good team around you.

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